About Our Team

Long Island Counseling Services provides psychotherapy and counseling for individuals of all ages, couples, families, and groups. Our services are comprehensive, covering almost every psychological need. We support people who have diagnoses or can provide a diagnosis, for a range of mental health conditions. Yet we also know that sometimes you may not have a specific condition, but can still benefit from help. Many of our patients are working through life transitions, processing grief or trauma, and pushing toward self-actualization.

The couples and families we assist with relationship therapy are at all stages in their relationships, and we offer a fair and unbiased environment for you to build understanding and strengthen communication.

We serve our clients from two locations conveniently located in East Meadow (formerly Bellmore) and Melville, both located near many communities on Long Island. For patients who prefer therapy from the comfort of home or are unable to make it to our offices, we also offer remote therapy over video chat.

Meet Our Team

Long Island Counseling Services is a team of psychotherapists, each professionally licensed and highly experienced in their field. As a result, we have therapists who are experienced in working with different age groups, mental health conditions, and populations. They may have different approaches to introspection and rely on a range of modalities in treatment. Because our team is expansive, we are always able to take on new patients and pair them with the right counselor.

We also believe in the importance of partnering with a therapist that you can connect with. The two of you (or you and your partner or family) will build a “therapeutic alliance.” This means that everyone is aware of the goals of therapy and consistently working towards them. You will also build trust and rely on your therapist for support. This makes it essential that you work with a psychotherapist who is the right match for you. 

Part of our intake process for our Long Island therapy is getting to know you. With some general information about your stresses and goals, we can make recommendations for a psychotherapist best suited for you. Take the initial step in this process by reaching out to our team.