Bulimia Therapy and Support at Long Island Counseling Services

Long Island Counseling Services Offers Eating Disorder Treatment and Counseling for Patients with Bulimia Nervosa

Long Island Counseling Services has a team of therapists for eating disorders and body image issues. We are here to support you as you learn to cope with stress, develop healthier eating habits, and address the issues that contribute to your struggles.

We are available to provide in-person and remote therapy for bulimia nervosa on Long Island. We have two offices – one in Melville and one in Bellmore – and work with men, women, and children of all ages that are struggling with bulimia or other mental health challenges.

If you are ready to work with an eating disorders specialist, contact Long Island Counseling Services at (631) 380-3299 in Melville and (516) 882-4544 in East Meadow, or use our online form to get connected to one of our therapists.

What is Bulimia?

We often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to look a specific way. That attention that we place on our appearance can lead to body image issues that affect our ability to see ourselves in a positive light. Sometimes, in an effort to reduce our body weight, this can develop into eating disorders. One of the most common is known as “Bulimia Nervosa.”

Bulimia nervosa, often shortened to just “bulimia,” is one of the most common types of eating disorders. It involves a combination of two different behaviors:

  • Binge Eating – Those with bulimia often binge on food. Binge eating is when someone eats an excessively large quantity in one session, typically well above what is considered a healthy amount of eating.  
  • Purging – Perhaps the best known symptom of bulimia is purging. Purging involves eliminating the calories. The most common way is forcing oneself to vomit, but some people use other means, like overusing laxatives, as their way of purging.

With bulimia, a person experiences the taste of food, but purges it before they’ve had a chance to absorb the calories. Unfortunately, purging also tends to occur before the individual has absorbed any nutrients, which makes bulimia very dangerous.

There are also similar disorders that are not technically bulimia nervosa, but closely related, and may be referred to as bulimia. One is “purging disorder,” where a person purges but does not binge eat. The other is exercise bulimia, where a person doesn’t “purge” calories in the traditional sense, but burns them away through excessive and extensive exercise.

Bulimia can become very dangerous. But it also responds very well to treatment. That is why it is so important to get connected with a therapist on Long Island that understands bulimia and can make sure that you’re getting the support you need.

Why Choose Long Island Counseling Services?

At Long Island Counseling Services, we have a team of therapists and counselors to match you with. With two offices – one in Melville, and one in East Meadow – we are conveniently located near Plainview, Bethpage, Bellmore, Deer Park, Merrick, Freeport, and all throughout Long Island so that you have a place you can go that understand working with bulimia patients.

We have specialists that know how to work with teens, adults, men, women, and those that have experienced specific challenges that need to be addressed.

We make it our job to really see you. We want to make sure that you’re heard and understood, and that any treatment that we use to help you recover is based on who you are and what you need to move forward. We have training in all of the most effective, evidenced based treatment options out there, but we are also here to know you and see what we believe will work best for your recovery.

For parents that have children or teens that are struggling with bulimia or eating disorders, we have several experienced therapists that know how to connect with young people that are struggling, and give them solutions and accountability to support their ability to not only overcome bulimia but also respond to setbacks in a healthy way.

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