Parental Counseling on Long Island – Counseling for Parents, Co-Parents, and More

Long Island Counseling Services Offers Therapy and Guidance for Parents that Need Support

Parenting is challenging. There is no manual. There is no trick. There is no such thing as a perfect way to parent – or a parent that has all the answers and always parents correctly. Parenting is arguably harder now than it was back then, as there is less time in the day and more pressures to be a “good parent” through books, social media, and more.

Long Island Counseling Services offers individual and family therapy services for parents that need help. We can provide you with one on one support, couples counseling, or bring your entire family to talk through issues and learn together with therapists that have extensive background in working with parents and parental related issues.

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Therapists for Parenting – Counselors and Ongoing Support

Every parent could benefit from extra help. Some parents need couples therapy to help them maintain an active love life as a married couple. Others need individual support to help them with anxieties that they may have about parenthood. Each parent’s situation may be slightly different depending on the parent, the child, the partnership, and the struggles they face.

At Long Island Counseling Services, we offer different types of counseling for different types of parental struggles. We encourage parents to contact us no matter their struggles, as we offer a variety of services to adults that are having a difficult time with some of the aspects of parenthood. We provide support for issues including, but not limited to:

  • Postpartum Depression – It is not uncommon for women, and even some men, to experience some forms of depression from both hormones and stress after the birth of a child. Our therapists can support your ability to cope with and recover from postpartum depression.
  • Struggling Parents – Being a parent is hard. Sometimes, it helps to have someone to talk to that has expertise psychotherapy to help either both parents or individual parents cope with some of the stresses of parenthood and learn to find themselves as a parent.
  • Co-Parents – Sometimes, the issue is how two people parent together. Some couples have very different parenting techniques or responsibilities. Others have divorced or separated and need to learn coparenting techniques to make sure the children are growing up in a healthy environment.
  • Single Parents – Becoming a single parent has its own struggles. At Long Island Counseling Services, we can help you navigate some of the challenges of parenting by yourself. We also have remote therapy available, as we know that single parents often have a difficult time commuting to our office.
  • Adoptive Parents – There is so much joy in becoming an adoptive parent. But it also has its challenges, especially if the child also is struggling with the transition. We can work with adoptive parents – and their kids – to help you address adoptive family issues and find support throughout these transitions.
  • Mixed Families – Mixed families are becoming more and more common. It is also not uncommon for there to be issues with relationships, changes, and conflict between children, parents, and step parents. We can speak to the entire family, or talk to those most affected.
  • Parents of Children with Special Needs – There is so much joy in being the parent of a special needs child. But the world isn’t always ready for them, and parents don’t always have the resources they need to parent properly. We’re here to offer mental health support to get you through any challenges.
  • Parents that have Suffered a Loss – There is little harder than loss. We will work with you to try to help you and your family move forward, one step at a time, until you feel read to take on tomorrow.
  • Parents of Children with ADHD – Long Island Counseling Services offers parent coaching for ADHD and executive function disorder, along with family counseling for parents and children that would like to work through issues together.

Parents are also human beings with their own challenges. We can help you with couples counseling, individual therapy for anxiety and depression, or any other issues that you need help with. Being a parent is hard. With the help of a therapist that specializes in working with parents and families, we can help you manage it as best as possible.

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