Therapist for Doctors, Nurses, and Surgeons on Long Island

Therapist for Doctors, Nurses, and Surgeons on Long Island

Therapist for Doctors, Nurses, and Surgeons on Long Island 1344 2016 Long Island Counseling Services

Long Island Counseling Services Offers Counseling and Support for Those in the Medical Profession with High Stress Careers

Most jobs are stressful. The very act of working – waking up every day, logging on or heading somewhere else to work for 8+ hours all while dealing with the needs of the profession all day can, perhaps unsurprisingly, cause a considerable amount of stress that takes its toll on our mental health.

When we work in a profession where a mistake can kill someone, or where our failures can have a measurable impact on a person’s lives, it’s easy to envision how this type of stress and this type of thinking can cause someone to feel immense pressure, negative thinking, and much more.

No one should have to struggle with that alone. At Long Island Counseling Services, we are here to support anyone in the medical profession that is struggling with their mental health and provide them with the psychological tools they need to move forward. Get connected to one of our therapists today by contacting Long Island Counseling Services.

Why is the Medical Profession Prone to Mental Health Challenges?

Hospitals and medical facilities are busy, high stress jobs that require a considerable amount of mental and physical labor. It is easy to envision how working under these conditions can lead to the development of issues such as depression and anxiety.

When surrounded by emergencies and traumas, it is easy to understand how one might find these situations stressful, difficult, and capable of leading to anxiety and depression.

Still, it is not only the stressful environment that can cause these issues, or is it only the nature of the field, where a person’s health is at risk. Other reasons include:

  • Black and White Thinking – The medical field is prone to black and white thinking, where a person knows that they can either “win” or “lose” in such a way that they begin to internalize their own failures. Since mistakes can have actual consequences, so too do individuals often feel as though anything other than a 100% success rate is a failure, and that their mistakes mean something about themselves.
  • Caregiver Issues – When someone works very hard to help others, they can sometimes overlook their own needs, seeing their own needs as a distraction or unworthy of their attention given the work that is required. When someone gives too much without taking care of themselves, they can develop caregiver anxiety and depression as a result.
  • Social Battery – The medical field requires a lot of difficult conversations, a lot of face to face interactions, and constantly being surrounded by people. Even for extroverts, that can be a lot of conversation that, in turn, can lead to stress that becomes anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

Many in the medical field also do not get much sleep and have unusual hours. The medical field can also cause issues in some relationships as well, due to the strange hours of work.

So, while much of the focus is going to be on the stresses that arise when a person’s health is in your hands (and certainly that can play a role), there are other issues unique to the profession that may also have a lasting impact.

Therapy for Medical Professionals at Long Island Counseling Services

Long Island Counseling Services offers mental health counseling for those in any profession, yet we are especially here for those working in the medical field that need help managing the stresses of the profession. If you are a doctor, a surgeon, a nurse – or even someone on staff – we encourage you to reach out to our team to discuss your mental health needs and get the support you need to thrive in your personal and professional life.

We have two offices, one in East Meadow and one in Melville, and can operate remotely for those that are unable to come to the office. If you’re ready to support your mental health needs, please contact Long Island Counseling Services, today.