Generalized Anxiety Disorder Therapists at LICS

Long Island Counseling Services has Anxiety Specialists Providing Therapy and Support for Children and Adults with Generalized Anxiety Disorder 

Long Island Counseling Services offers a safe, comfortable environment for anyone that is struggling with anxiety. We believe that the most important part of treatment is getting to know you – building a genuine connection that will help us understand you, your life, and your struggles, and then basing a treatment plan on what will provide you with the best possible outcome.  

Our approach combines components of many different therapy techniques, all evidence based. We have therapy that is free flowing, structured, scientific, and feelings based depending on where you are and how best to treat you. Learn more about our generalized anxiety disorder therapy by contacting us via our online form, or calling (631) 380-3299 for our Melville office and (516) 882-4544 to see a therapist in East Meadow. 

What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder? 

Some people have a severe fear of spiders. Some people have recurring thoughts that cause them distress. Some people struggle with intense anxiety attacks that are so severe and so physical, that they may end up hospitalized for a heart attack not knowing that what they struggled with was anxiety. 

But others have more of a general anxiety. It is an anxiety that feels always present and always persistent. It may come with a lot of worries, or it may come with a lot of tension, or it may come in waves. It may manifest in different ways, but it’s always there, always causing you more stress and more worries. 

That is generalized anxiety disorder – a constant, ongoing anxiety that interferes with life’s activities and doesn’t seem to go away. But as constant and normal that generalized anxiety disorder may seem over time, it is treatable, especially with therapy from a personal and experienced therapist that can work directly with you to help you control the symptoms. 

How We Treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder 

Long Island Counseling Services has anxiety therapists that are dedicated to your recovery. Our therapists look at the whole you, and try to find and identify what it is that may be leading to your anxiety and what approach(es) we can use to help you recover. Examples of the types of therapy we provide include: 

  • Cognitive Behavioral Anxiety (CBT) 
  • Psychodynamic Theory 
  • Psychoanalytic Therapy 
  • Positive Psychology 
  • EFT 
  • Behavior Modification, and More 

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Sometimes, you need someone that can guide you towards recovery with actionable solutions that are built around you. Our therapists understand that, and take special care to make sure that you’re always getting the support that you deserve for your health and recovery. 

Why Choose Long Island Counseling Services? 

At Long Island Counseling Services, we do our best to create an environment where you feel free to be you. We get to know you and see you as the person that you are. We try to match you with a therapist that fits you, and we make sure that you’re seeing progress as you continue to move forward during your treatment. 

If you feel like you might be struggling with generalized anxiety, contact Long Island Counseling Services today to get started.