Executive Function Coaching on Long Island

Our minds are meant to operate in an orderly fashion, working together to manage tasks, respond to setbacks, and achieve our goals. But not all of us are born with this ability. Some children – and adults – struggle with time management, emotional regulation, the ability to adapt to change, and more, which all make it more difficult for us to achieve what we desire and finish what we’re supposed to complete.

These abilities are known as “Executive Functions.” Much like an executive at a workplace or the coach or the general manager of a sports franchise, our minds are meant to delegate and manage all the different abilities that we need to achieve our goals and manage our “organization.”

When these are not functioning properly, especially for children, it makes it much harder for us to perform the tasks we need to perform and do what we need to for us to navigate this complicated world.

What is Executive Function Coaching?

Executive function coaching is an approach to helping children and adults learn to control their executive functions. Through executive function coaching, children, teens, and young adults get the help and support they need to manage these functions, with tools that include:

  • Skill Development – We work on ways to improve on executive function skills and find ways to respond to and prevent difficulties, such utilizing scheduling software or learning emotional regulation techniques.
  • Goal Setting – We learn how to create goals that are easier to manage and attain, so that the idea of achieving goals is less overwhelming and there is less confusion about setbacks or where to go next.
  • Metacognition – We’ll help teach you or your teen/young adult how your brain works, so that both you and your coach will have a better understanding of what you need to address, thus allowing us to develop strategies that are specifically designed for you.
  • Setback and Problem Solving Tools – We work with you to create tools that allow you to respond better to setbacks or surprises, solve problems, and control your emotions in the process.

When you work with a coach, you also receive something that you may not have on your own: accountability. Executive function coaching means that you’re meeting with someone that keeps you on task, helps you learn these skills, and makes sure that they are turning into habits that you can take with you in your daily life.

Coaching and ADHD

Many of those that have executive function disorder also struggle with ADHD. While not everyone with ADHD has executive function disorder and vice versa, the connection between the two can be strong. It may also help to have support for ADHD, and work with those that are experienced in ADHD treatments and management.

Get Matched with an Executive Coach or Sign Up for Classes

Our executive function coaching is available through the ADHD Training Center. You will be matched with a coach that will develop a personalized plan based on your symptoms, struggles, daily life, and goals. Everything we do is also designed around the real world, as we want you to be able to measurably notice a difference and apply the skills you learn to where your life is now.

Sessions are available at different times, with schedules that change based on availability. We encourage you to review the ADHD Training Center website to find the current class schedules, which are often available 1 to 3 times a week for teens and young adults 15 and older. If your child struggles with executive function disorder, we also have parent coaching classes that can be invaluable for understanding how to respond to these issues.

Executive function disorder isn’t something that is cured. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be managed. With the right coaching, it is possible to see real, noticeable differences in your ability to manage tasks and achieve goals.