Treatment for Childhood Behavioral Disorders on Long Island

Customized Treatment Plans Based on Science for Children and Young Adults with Behavioral Challenges

Long Island Counseling Services has a team of therapists that work with children and young adults for a wide range of mental health and behavioral challenges. We will create a comfortable and supportive environment where your child can feel comfortable sharing their experiences, and we understand how to give them tools to better equip them for the world ahead.

  • Does your child struggle with their behavior?
  • Are they getting into trouble at school or at home?
  • Do they have issues with authority, or struggle to concentrate?
  • Are you finding that you are having challenges figuring out how to parent?

From trauma recovery to behavioral interventions, contact Long Island Counseling Services for the therapy and support your child needs. We also offer family therapy and adult therapy for parents that could use some extra support. Call  (516) 882-4544 for our East Meadow office or (631) 380-3299 to speak to our Melville staff. You can also use our online form to connect with the location that is best for you.

What Are Behavioral Disorders?

Many children struggle with their mental health. We are available to treat any condition that your child struggles with. Some of the more challenging conditions result in unwanted behaviors that many parents and caretakers struggle with. These include:

  • ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is a genetic condition, and not typically the result of life trauma the way that some other behavioral disorders are. Also, ADHD does not present itself in the same way with all children. But some children with ADHD tend to present with a loss of focus and possible disruptiveness that can cause them to experience anxiety, depression, and other issues in school.
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder – Oppositional defiant disorder, or ODD, is a condition where children struggle with authority. They may have problems with anger, difficulty obeying rules, and often find themselves in trouble. Causes of oppositional defiant disorder can be complex, and may be both biological and social. It may also be a response to trauma. ODD can often be successfully treated with psychotherapy.
  • Conduct Disorder – Some children that have oppositional defiant disorder will eventually age into conduct disorder, which is a behavioral disorder more often seen in preteens and teens. It has the same characteristics of ODD, but the child may also try to control or manipulate others. A majority of children with conduct disorder will be successfully treated with psychological intervention, especially if they have the support of the community.

Children may grow out of ADHD naturally, or they may have lifelong ADHD symptoms. Treatment is designed to help address some of the stresses and social pressures associated with ADHD, so that the child can grow into a happier and more functional adult. With other behavioral disorders like ODD and Conduct Disorder, the goal is to try to prevent adult-behavioral disorders, like antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy).

Treatment for Childhood Behavioral Disorders at Long Island Counseling Services

Childhood behavioral disorders often require a broad range of treatments depending on the child and the symptoms. Some of the treatments we may consider include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Functional Family Therapy
  • Anger Management Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Social Skills Training and Others

At Long Island Counseling Services, we will first talk to you about the different options available, we will talk to your child, and we will all work together to make sure to come up with a treatment plan that will be more likely to be successful for your family.

Why Choose Long Island Counseling Services?

Long Island Counseling Services has therapists that specialize in child therapy and pediatric care. We work with children from all backgrounds and histories, finding them the support that makes the most sense for their needs. We will do our best to match you with a child therapist that can help your child with their struggles, and we have therapists available or adults that would like someone to talk to help them with the mental health issues they may have addressing these challenges.

Contact us today using our online form, and let’s connect you to the therapist that is right for your child.