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Every couple has its struggles. Every marriage has its needs. Our role as marriage counselors is to better understand you and your relationship, and find our ways that we can help your relationship thrive.

Long Island Counseling Services is a full team of licensed marriage therapists that are available to support your growth as a couple. We work with partners at all stages of their relationship – from those newly married to those that have already separated – to help you find more productive communication strategies, more passion, more energy, and more respect for you both as a couple.

  • Do you want to feel like your marriage can withstand discussions?
  • Do you want your partner to “hear you” even when you can’t find the words?
  • Do you want more intimacy, love, and affection?
  • Do you want to know that your partner has your best interests at heart?
  • Do you want to have trust that your partner will protect your emotions?

Our marriage therapists create a safe space for both partners, and identify ways that you both can understand each other’s needs better. Schedule an appointment with one of our marriage counselors today by calling (631) 380-3299 for Melville or (516) 882-4544 for East Meadow, or you can use our online form to be connected to one of our therapists.

What is Marriage Counseling For?

There is a belief that marriage counseling is only for couples on the brink of divorce. But that does not have to be the case. Every marriage tends to benefit from effective communication strategies, greater levels of intimacy, and enhanced understand of each other as both individuals and as part of the collective team.

Within the context of marriage counseling, we look at who you are both as one couple and as unique people. We talk to you about your goals, your struggles, your thoughts, and more. We give you both a 100% safe space, with no judgment, where you can explain how you’re feeling to both your therapist and your partner, and have someone help you share those thoughts freely.

That is why marriage counseling is such an effective choice for any stage in your relationship – it is an opportunity for you to strengthen yourselves as a couple and as individuals, finding new ways to make your marriage even better.

Benefits of Marriage Counseling

At Long Island Counseling Services, our marriage therapists support and guide you both as a couple to work together in ways that enhance your relationship. Depending on where you are in your marriage, how long you’ve been together, and who you both are as individuals, the benefits of marriage therapy may differ. You may find that marriage therapy helps you:

  • Be Better Parents and Co-Parents
  • Give and Receive Love the Way We Desire
  • No Longer Feel Like You’re Walking on Eggshells
  • Be Effective Companions as You Get Older
  • Learn to Trust More
  • Maintain Your Individuality

The purpose of marriage therapy is to take where you are as a couple and make it more productive, communicative, and safe. Marriage therapy is even useful for partners that still decide to separate, as it reduces some of the heaviness and anger that couples may have about the process.

Overall, there is never a wrong time to see a therapist for marriage counseling, as long as you are ready to work with someone to enhance where you are as a couple.

Why Choose Long Island Counseling Services for Marriage Therapy?

Long Island Counseling Services has been providing couples on Long Island with personalized care and support for many years. We want to learn more about you as a couple, and make sure both of you feel as though you can share with us anything you need to share in order to make your relationship stronger.

Our therapists get to know you. We can also help you with additional, individual support if you struggle with issues like trauma, anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems that may be affecting your ability to feel comfortable in the relationship.

We have therapists from a variety of backgrounds to try to match you with someone that we think will provide you with the best support. We also engage in ongoing training for new techniques and strategies to help you with communication and growth.

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