Therapy for Intimacy – Finding Love and Understanding Each Other

Therapy for Intimacy – Finding Love and Understanding Each Other

Therapy for Intimacy – Finding Love and Understanding Each Other 2560 1707 Long Island Counseling Services

There are many things that make a relationship strong. There are shared memories. There is great conversation. There are mutual goals. There are attractions that we have that our partners match. But even successful couples have areas of their marriage or relationship that they envision improving, and one example is a couple’s sex and intimacy.

Trained couples counselors are here to support your ability to find that intimacy in a relationship. Using both relationship and individual psychotherapy techniques, our therapists are able to help you understand each other and yourselves in a more intimate way and open yourself up to feeling and experiencing love. If you and your partner want to work on improving your connection, sex, intimacy, and relationship, call Long Island Counseling Services today at (516) 882-4544 in Bellmore or (631) 380-3299 in Melville to get started.

What is a Sex Therapist in the Mental Health World?

Therapy for sex and intimacy is not about the act of sex itself. It is about helping address some of the factors that affect a couple’s ability to feel intimate in all areas of their relationship. Many couples desire to improve intimacy. But how they address that intimacy and what factors affect it can vary between couples. For example:

  • One or both partners may struggle with anxiety.
  • One or both partners may struggle with trauma related to intimacy.
  • One or both partners may feel misunderstood or unseen.
  • One or both partners may have trouble communicating their desires and intentions.

These are a small sample of the challenges that draw people to sex therapists and intimacy counselors. Intimacy is also not just about sexual touch or function. It can also be about knowing each other deeply and being vulnerable. Many times, couples that are struggling with intimacy are also having challenges breaking through some of the monotonies of life.

That is where couples counselors can help. In the mental health world, these issues can be addressed through approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), meditation, couples therapy, and many other techniques that are all designed to improve communication between the couple, address issues related to anxiety and stress, and much more.

Defining Intimacy – Improving Relationships

Intimacy and relationship happiness are directly linked. Intimacy is not always sex, but it is a deep connection between the couple that is romantic, loving, passionate, and fulfilling. Your Long Island couples counselors take a holistic approach to addressing issues with intimacy by treating you both as individuals and as a couple, and helping address any of the challenges that may be standing in your way.

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