Training and Coaching for Parents of Children with ADHD at LICS

Training and Coaching for Parents of Children with ADHD at LICS

Training and Coaching for Parents of Children with ADHD at LICS 2560 1707 Long Island Counseling Services

ADHD is a lifelong condition. But it is manageable. Through medication, behavioral intervention, therapy, and other treatments, your child can – and often will – lead a long, healthy, productive and happy life.

But there are speedbumps along that journey, and while often there is a focus on the child with ADHD, it is often the parents that need support. This is where ADHD coaching for parents can help.

What is ADHD Coaching for Parents?

One of the issues facing many parents is that they do not teach you how to parent neurodivergent children. Kids with ADHD still have all the tools they need to thrive and be successful, but it’s a process, and parents are not always equipped with the teaching and training for how to adapt to this process.

There are often external pressures to help your child do better, frustrations as you figure out how to address disruptive behavior, sadness and stress over your child’s struggles… Parents often struggle to figure out how to navigate all of these while also trying to live their own lives.

ADHD parent coaching is a process, led by ADHD specialists, where you’re given the tools and information that you need to make sure that you are helping both you and your child as best you can. We address issues such as:

  • How to dissolve some of the toxicity that can surround ADHD families.
  • How to “parent the child you have” in ways that are more productive and healthy.
  • How to manage your OWN life, because your happiness is important.
  • How to identify and address mental health challenges that neurodivergent children face.
  • How to manage external pressures and let you and your child be your true selves.

Working together, we can create personalized plans that are there to help you both grow. Coaching is an opportunity to get the best from yourself.

Thriving as Families with ADHD Children

ADHD may be a diagnosis. But it is nowhere close to a destiny. Just because we live in a world that isn’t built for children (or adults) with ADHD doesn’t mean that it needs to be something that controls your future. Talk to Long Island Counseling Services today for more information about ADHD coaching.